Conceptions of Social Innovation & Inclusive Business Models for Development & Impact: Introduction to Business Models for Social Innovation & Sustainability

Karllestone Capital Presents: Online Education Series by Karl Burrow - Facilitator, Coach and Mentor
Social Enterprise Fundamentals is an intense workshop for people who want to build sustainable business models and sustainable social impact models. This workshop provides online education, contextual examples, exercises, and tools to help you build and grow a social enterprise. Come and learn with and from an accompished social entrepreneur.

He has taught Inclusive & Social Innovation Business at several Japanese Universities and Japanese companies as well as overseas lectures on social innovation business models.

HULT Prize Judge and Committee Chairperson
Member Stanford Social Innovation Review
Singuarity University with Keio University for Exponential Business Models for Social causes
Inclusive and Circular Business Models
Circular Economy
NonProfit, 3rd Party and Community Funded Business Models
Business Models for Impact Investing

Learn how to use the globally popular tool to describe, design, and map your business model. Explore assumptions about your customer, beneficiary, value proposition, partners, revenue, and more.

Learn about common incorporation models and governance structures for social enterprises. See real examples of how local social enterprises are incorporated and how they make money

Learn how to identify and speak with potential customers to gain information about product and service features, pricing, delivery model, and more. Develop a customer persona. Use this information to help guide your minimum viable product.

Understand types of funding and capital available to social entrepreneurs.

Build a positioning statement to easily communicate to your stakeholders about your customer, their needs, your product / service, and your competitive differentiation. This is the central part of any conversation with a customer.

Social entrepreneurs
Non profit leaders
Small business owners
Board members
Corporate CSR leaders
People interested in social entrepreneurship
Employees wanting to drive impact

He has taught:
"Application of the Business Model Canvas to a Japanese Local Community to Co-design the Social Business Model"
"Application of the Business Model Canvas to a Multi-Cultural Community to Co-create a Business Model Innovation"

Spoken at Social Business Academia Network with Dr.Muhammad Yunnus from Grammen Fund- 3rd International Conference | Fukuoka, Japan

Business Model Innovation & Design Thinking-ESG(Environmental, Social & Governance)Workshops

JICA - Skills based training, Social Innovation, Business Model Design & Advisory and consulting to an independent governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance (ODA) for the government of Japan to developing countries.

Business Model Innovation and Design for Local Government and collaboration with Saga University for Social Entrepreneurship .

Business Model Innovation and Design for local economic development, Social Enterprise and revitalization in Arita Saga and Fukuoka city.

Has facilitated Design Thinking workshops with colleagues from Stanford Design School, Pratt Institute NY, Imperial Royal College of Art in London & Keio Univ. starting back in 2010.... which were/are aspirational & inspirational as well as groundbreaking with sustainable outcomes and has been teaching design thinking and creating new design thinking curriculum for over 10 years globally at individual and corporate levels.

He has taught Design Thinking in Japan at various large corporations and is a co-creator of the books " Business Model Generation"
既存のビジネスモデルの骨子を作成し、新しいビジネスモデルを作成するためのビジョナリーとデザイナーのためのハンドブックであるベストセラー書「BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION」の共作者。

新刊「VALUE PROPOSITION DESIGN(How to Create Products & Services Customers Want)」の共著者であり、プレ・リーダーおよびアドバイザー。また、個人のビジネスモデル開発のための「Business Model You」の共作者。

Virtual Innovation Workshop Offering

Introduction to Design Thinking

Design Thinking has become an extremely popular approach to problem-solving—not only among designers, but across all areas of business. A Design Thinking workshop will spark innovation, foster a user-centric mindset, and get cross-functional teams working together towards a common goal.

“Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” — TIM BROWN, CEO OF IDEO

The workshop will be hands-on, friendly and interactive.
A high-intensity, short-format introduction to fundamentals of design thinking for participants will be offered.
Participants will tackle a real design project using some of the most instrumental design thinking methods that has been pioneered.

To break it down, Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user (person), challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.

Design Thinking Phases

There are many variants of the Design Thinking process in use today, and they have from three to seven phases, stages, or modes. However, all variants of Design Thinking are very similar.

In the workshop we will cover :

Empathize — with your users ( Empathy Mapping)
Define — your users’ needs, their problem, and your learnings
Ideate — by challenging assumptions, go crazy on innovating solutions
Prototype — to start creating solutions (you could use pen and paper, or any software that could help showcase your idea)
Test — test your solutions, gather more feedback, reiterate!

The content and methodology are intended to expose Participants to fundamental skills they need to succeed in real life.
A high-intensity, short-format introduction to fundamentals of design thinking for participants will be offered.


Introduction to Design Thinking: Origin, why has DT become so popular, showcases, explanation of the process, key success factors, 2 x 1 minute exercices with audience to boost creative confidence. Brief overview of workshop activities.

Exploration Phase: Presentation of the “How might we question” to the team and the respective context of the problem. Obligatory out of the building phase

Ideation (diverge phase) = systematic approaches to come up with as many ideas as possible

Indeed, Design Thinking can be applied to all areas of business, and a Design Thinking workshop can therefore be useful for everyone—from marketing, product, and sales, right through to the C-level. Let’s consider the benefits of a Design Thinking workshop in more detail.

By the end:
1. You’ll be ready to take your colleagues (or clients) through the entire Design Thinking process, equipping them with the tools they need to come up with innovative strategies and ideas.

2. Gain a design thinking approach for innovation and get started developing ideas for new projects, products, services, or programs for your customers or users.

Transform how you create and develop ideas to grow a more successful and innovative future. In this reflective and engaging online program, you will experience activities and a system for innovation firsthand. Get motivated to innovate by addressing your opportunities with applied systematic creativity using the “Innovation Step-by-Step” process.

​Our motto... is "Make Something People Want." Our program teaches founders and potential entrepreneurs to market their product, team and market, create and refining their business model, JTBD (Jobs-To-Be-Done) achieving product/market fit, and scaling the startup into a high growth business, etc

Participants should be...
Enthusiastic to learn design thinking process (you don’t have to be from a design background)

Who should attend?
Beginners to the process of design thinking
Professionals who would like to interact with others from diverse backgrounds

Skills you will learn :
Design Thinking Concepts and Techniques



起業家精神とスタートアップのマスタークラス ワークショップ


Bootcamp to upskill your entrepreneurial self
A chance to develop a startup idea with your cohort
Understand the basics of delivering a pitch

Our course exists to unleash your entrepreneurial potential outside the realm of traditional education – we put practice over theory, competencies over diplomas and certificates

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures - Perspective on understanding and learning the basics of Entrepreneurship

Y Combinator Series

5ドル 又は500円の資金で始める、起業家精神/スタートアッププログラムのワークショップをこれから東京で数ヶ月間に渡ってコーチングを行います。







For more information contact info@karllestonecapital.com

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Karl Burrow is an accomplished Consultant and Entrepreneur and President of Karllestone Capital, a Tokyo based management, strategy & innovation consulting, & Venture Capital for startups.

He is also an innovation training workshop designer, design thinking training facilitator

An innovation catalyst for Business Model Innovation & Design for creating a blueprint & road-map for exponential growth, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Blockchain, Blue Ocean Strategy, Scenario Planning, Strategic Facilitation, Design Thinking, JTBD (Jobs-To-Be-Done)

Adjunct Professor Keio Univ. Graduate School Entrepreneurship, Business Models and Startup & Lean Agile Startup.
Adjunct Professor /New York Univ. Tokyo Marketing New Ventures.

An original co-creator of the global bestseller book titled "BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION" A handbook for visionaries, game changers & challengers & "VALUE PROPOSITION DESIGN"

Co-creator of the new book "Business Model You" for personal business models & coaching.

カールストン キャピタル」の社長兼CEOを務めるカール・バロウは、20年以上にわたる金融・テクノロジー・グローバル・製造・消費財など幅広い領域における豊富な経験と実績を元に、2006年に同社を設立しました。設立以降、日本を代表するグローバル企業や外資系企業をはじめ政府機関等からも依頼を受け、ビジネスモデルイノベーション戦略構築を手掛けています。
New York University Tokyo
- Adjunct Professor/Lecturer
《略歴》 メリーランド大学カレッジパーク校を卒業後、クレディスイス(旧ファースト・ボストン証券)にてテクノロジーとキャピタルマーケットのアナリストの経験を経てリーマンブラザーズ、バンカートラスト、シュローダーでの資産管理とアドバイザー、トロントドミニオンセキュリティ(国際法人部門)、アクサ、クレディスイス証券でプライベートバンキング部門ディレクターおよび投資マネージャーとして従事。その後、PWCにてCRM戦略と金融サービス領域のシニアコンサルタントとして活躍。

既存のビジネスモデルの骨子を作成し、新しいビジネスモデルを作成するためのビジョナリーとデザイナーのためのハンドブックであるベストセラー書「BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION」の共作者。

新刊「VALUE PROPOSITION DESIGN(How to Create Products & Services Customers Want)」の共著者であり、プレ・リーダーおよびアドバイザー。また、個人のビジネスモデル開発のための「Business Model You」の共作者。

Contact info@karllestonecapital.com
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